our why.

We're on a mission to change the perception of self-promotion. 


For so long now, we've let the fear of sounding arrogant or ‘blowing our own trumpet’ take over how we communicate our personal success. And despite the growing social media trend to share just how amazing our lives are when it comes to work we put down the microphone and hide away from our achievements.


Well not for any longer. That’s right, it’s time to ditch describing yourself as ‘hard-working’ and shying away in meetings and start discovering what makes you truly stand out.


F*ck being humble is an event series and online platform that aims to educate, inspire and encourage you to be the best possible brand you can be. 




what people say


"It was the best event I’ve been to this year! Your talk/workshop was both fun and very useful; your guests were extremely interesting and insightful; and the vibe of the crowd was super friendly. It was the most diverse panel I’ve seen in a while and the room reflected it."




want to get involved?

We love to talk (and not just about ourselves), so if you’d like to speak to us about partnerships or ways of getting involved in 'f*ck being humble' we want to hear from you.


We don't yet offer one-to-one consultations but if you follow us to keep updated with blogs and event news we'll support your goals as much as possible until then!

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