Do you struggle with self-promotion? Do you often doubt yourself and your capabilities? Are you someone who wants stand out and be celebrated more for their achievements but you don't know how?


If so we've got you covered. Whether you're a freelancer, self-employed or running your own business, we want to help you build your confidence, reputation and public awareness. There will always be a time to be modest in your career, but this book will remind when to be a little less humble and chase after the opportunities you want.


Chapters include: How to talk about yourself, how to network (online and in person), how to know your self-worth, how to play the money game and win, how to use emotional intelligence when self-promoting and how to laugh at your failures. This book is an essential bedside table motivational read that will help you at every turn in your career.  

Available in print and as an audio book on Amazon.

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