We run a range of interactive employee engagement workshops to support your staff with confidently progressing in the workplace. Stef is often celebrated as delivering 'alternative and refreshing' professional development content in a relatable format. Talks can be delivered in person or remotely for audiences around the world.


Looking for a motivational speaker to share their journey? Stef has worked for a range of advertising agencies and clients, and can share her personal story of starting a side hustle and successfully transforming into a full time business. Including how to build an online community, write a book and build an international presence.


Got an event coming up and need an expert to join your panel? Stef can cover a range of topics from self-promotion, changing careers, networking, claiming your worth, side hustles and many more. Whether it's an in-person event, IGLive or webinar, we're always looking to spread the F*ck Being Humble message.


We have an audience an audience of over 30k international followers so if you've got a product, service or job that would benefit our community you can request to run a paid advert on our brand channels. We're always open to co-creating bespoke content so if you've got an idea we could work together on, we'd love to hear from you!

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