Meet Stef, the voice behind F*ck Being Humble

Updated: May 5

I'm Stef, the voice, the creator and the driving force behind F*ck Being Humble.

When people ask me why I started F*ck Being Humble, my honest answer is, because I feel lucky to have learned the importance of self-promotion so early on in my career. And I wouldn't have figured it out if it wasn't for the following:

  • My Dad: A natural-born salesman who despite being slightly biased, could always transform my CV to reflect everything I did x 1000. He had the ability to make my short-lived summer jobs sound like the start of my entrepreneurial career. Everyone deserves someone like my Dad.

  • My degree: During my time studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent, I learnt the importance of reputation building following a semester we completed self-promotion. I graduated with a personalised brand identity, website, CV and portfolio that were actually worth sharing (along with a tonne of other skills). It was undoubtedly worth every penny of investment.

  • My career: For the past 7 years I've been working in advertising learning how to tell stories that matter and during this time I've recognised the power storytelling can have not only for brands, but for individuals too. I've also thrown myself into the deep end of pitching, networking, growing new business, project managing, producing and keeping clients happy, without necessarily ever being a specialist, but always managing to swim back up.

It pains me that we're not taught the importance of self-promotion during our education or even our careers, and when I thought about what I could do to combine my love of supporting communities with my knowledge on self-advocacy, F*ck Being Humble was born. I am absolutely not a trained or qualified 'life coach', I'm just one person on a mission help people claim their worth.


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