Special delivery: The first copy of our book arrived!

Last week we were over the moon to receive the first-ever copy of our book F*ck Being Humble: Why self-promotion isn't a dirty word'. Originally due to launch in May this year, the schedule was delayed following the impact that COVID had on the publishing industry and will now be released on the 3rd of September as both a print copy and audible book.

With 9 chapters covering the best tips and tricks on how to promote yourself, network online and offline, identify your self-worth, get the money you want, fail with humour and how to use emotional intelligence to advance in the workplace - this is the go-to book to have on your bedside table. Additionally, founder and author, Stef interviewed a range of 8 rising females in the creative industry on their learnings of navigating self-promotion and celebrating their own achievements. A book needed at almost every stage in your career and a mindset to adopt for life.

Available in the UK and Australia on Amazon here. If you're interested in purchasing multiple books for your business please contact us stef@fuckbeinghumble.com.

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