How to nail your next CV update with confidence.

Do you dread the thought of updating your CV? Do you cringe at the thought of bigging yourself up? Do you spend approximately 2 minutes looking at it before you move onto the next task and decide you have more pressing things to do?! Trust me when I say you are not alone. The truth is, I don't think anyone can honestly say they enjoy writing their CV because it's the type of self-reflection we hate the most, especially if you've been raised to think modesty is the best answer.

But at a time when the competition is higher than it's ever been before you're going to need to put your life and soul into crafting a killer CV that will actually grab people's attention. And when I say grabbing attention, I do not mean overly designed or drowning in jargon, I mean communicating your personality and celebrating your achievements. This is not the time to be humble, it's the evidence you need to secure the job you want.

Here are my top tips, please use these whenever you are updating your CV and pass onto people who need it the most.

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