Why I started a self-promotion platform called 'F*ck Being Humbe'

Updated: May 5

In May 2018, I launched F*ck Being Humble, a platform to change stigmas around self-promotion and help people be unapologetically proud of their achievements. After spending my first year of living in London regularly networking at events I noticed there was a huge underrepresentation of female panelists, particularly under the age of 30 that I could really relate to. It baffled me because I was aware of so many talented females who are making waves in their industries but that seem to be going unnoticed just because they haven’t spent 40 years in the industry. 

Whilst there’s no denying event hosts could diversify their panel selection process, I've identified that part of the reason we see this is because women don’t always shout about how good they really are, or dare I say it, we don’t blag it as much as we could. I started reading up on studies like the 'Confidence Gap' that show results of women being less self-assured than men, which as a result means we progress slower throughout our careers. In fact, it’s actually been proven that during a job application process, despite having the exact same abilities, men will overestimate and women will underestimate their capabilities.

What’s that all about?!

Now I’m absolutely not saying all men bullshit their way to the top, but what I would like to see is more women being braver and bolder with their approach. Being too humble is something that many women are limited by, and it pains me to see great talent go to waste just because they didn't know how to best articulate themselves on their CV. 

So when I thought about how I could try help the issue, I realised that I have just over 10 years work experience (including my god-awful Saturday jobs) that I could reflect on and share my learnings to build confidence in others and help to achieve their goals. Whether it's figuring out what you stand for or putting your case forward for your next promotion, I personally want this platform to be a place where you can look to for guidance and advice that will truly make a difference to your future.

To encourage you that if you really want something in life, f*ck being humble and go get it.


Want to learn more about self-promotion? Purchase our book 'F*ck Being Humble: Why self-promotion isn't a dirty word' on Amazon and follow us @fuckbeinghumbleldn on Instagram for more updates.

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