F*ck Being Humble x The Other Box talk about self-promotion for virtual book launch series

To celebrate the launch of ‘F*ck Being Humble: Why self-promotion isn’t a dirty word’, founder and author Stef Sword-Williams is running a virtual book launch series speaking to the brilliant contributors she interviewed when writing the book.

First up, was the incredible duo behind The Other Box, Leyya Sattar, and Roshni Goyate. Trailblazers in their field, they are known for educating businesses on bias through their award-winning diversity and inclusion company. Leyya joined us as we discussed the journey of growing The Other Box and also reflecting on her personal growth and celebrating her achievements.

Followed by a live Q&A, the honest and unfiltered chat cover topics such as growing a business, working with a co-founder, learning from mistakes, knowing when to say yes (and no) and the real-life work struggles we all go through. A huge thank you to Leyya for your time and openness during this interview, hugely insightful for anyone looking to invest in themselves.

Follow @TheOtherBox on Twitter and Instagram and don't forget to grab your copy of F*ck Being Humble: Why self-promotion isn’t a dirty word’ to read the interviews in full.

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