F*ck Being Humble gives advice to emerging talent at D&AD New Blood Festival

This month our founder Stefanie Sword-Williams joined a list of iconic speakers for New Blood D&AD Digital Festival 2020. With the main goal of supporting emerging talent, the festival was a combination of talks, workshops and live briefs targeted at those leaving higher education and looking to carve out their reputation in the creative industry.

Helping individuals embrace self-promotion at the start of their career is something we are hugely passionate about because the sooner we can eliminate the feelings of imposter syndrome or self-doubt, the easier it is to communicate your worth throughout your entire working career. To anyone who didn't make the event, here were our 3 top tips to stand out:

1. Don't hide who you are - Far too often our want to come across as professional overtakes our ability to communicate our real personalities. Instead of hiding your origins or your limited experiences, show people your values, what you care about and what motivates you.

2. Show that you are obsessed with the industry - A hungry appetite is great but for many businesses they want to know that you are serious about joining their company and you get the world of industry you are working in. So do your homework and be prepared to demonstrate why you wouldn't want to be in any other space.

3. Say yes to a lot - At the start of your career it's really important to experience various different roles, responsibilities and environments in order to grow. Try to avoid being pigeon-holed or labeled by peers and gather as much work experience as you can.

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