Founded by Stefanie Sword-Williams in 2018, F*ck Being Humble is a mentoring platform, event series and book, that helps individuals overcome the fear of self-promotion. 


For so long now, we've let the fear of sounding arrogant or ‘blowing our own trumpet’ take over how we communicate our personal success. And despite the growing social media trend to share just how amazing our lives are, when it comes to work we put down the microphone and hide away from our achievements.


Well not any longer. That's right it's time to ditch yourself as 'hard-working' and shying away in meetings and start sharing what makes you stand out.

Ready to start championing yourself? Join the community by attending our events, grabbing a copy of our  book, registering to our newsletter and following us on socials.


We spend our days searching for the best ways that people are raising their profile and standing out from the crowd so you don't have to. Follow us on Instagram and Linkedin for daily motivational tips. 


Through our workshops, book and online courses, we give you everything you need to embrace self-advocacy with pride and authentically share your achievements in the most impactful way.


Through self-reflective tasks, blogs, and practical tips we help people break free from imposter syndrome and no longer feel FOSS (fear of sounding stupid).


We're always here to support you at any stage of your career which is why we regularly share advice for employees, freelancers and business owners. Think of us as a tough love agony aunt!

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